Oltco Resin Bound Gravel Driveways Cornwall

With everyone from the local baker to surf shops, pubs, celebrity chefs and garden centres all installing Oltco resin bound gravel, we believe there are two reasons behind this growing trend. 

Firstly, our superior product. Perfected over years of working with resin to create the best and strongest resin bound gravel on the market.  But we aren't happy with being the best - we are always looking at new products with the intention of staying ahead of the game and providing the best quality to our customers.  With a 20 year guarantee, quality is assured and peace fo mind for the business owner.  As well as a low maintenance and stunning looking area of course!

Secondly, our reputations.  From the early days when we had to educate people to the wonders of resin bound gravel; the strength, durability, the ease and actually what it is... to nowadays when resin bound gravel is well known amongst home owners, one thing has always remained the same.  Us.  With our goal in life to only make decisions which make us feel good there's no short changing, poor service or taking advantage here.  We are very simply upfront about costs, products and services and never ever enter into a hard sell.  We do our best to do right by our customers and they reward us be letting everyone know what a fantastic product and service we offer.  We owe or reputation to our loyal customers and we appreciate every one of them, including all the businesses we have worked with.

Oltco Resin Bound Gravel Driveways Cornwall

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