Oltco Resin Floor Cornwall

Company: Saga
Location: Folkestone, Kent
Product: Anti Slip Enamel Nosing System
Material: Stone
Size: 17 flights

Product: GRP deck strips for decking walkway and Enamel grip system on the concrete stairs
Description: Super anti slip required for decking exit and stairs. Stair area prepared and resin coating applied then scattered with an aggregate to create a non-slip surface.

Technical: Specifically made Glass reenforced plastic anti slip strips, screwed into place.  Enamel grip system used on the stairway is an industrial non-slip system. Good flexibility, excellent adhesive qualities, very hard-wearing and can be applied to a wide number of surfaces including metal, word etc.  Excellent waterproofing qualities.

Description: Saga’s main office in Folkestone receives a great deal of foot traffic from their large work force. Derek Foreman (head of maintenance) wanted a nosing system that didn’t cause a trip hazard, was easy on the eye, easy to clean and was anti slip. The anti slip enamel nosing system adheres to almost any surface producing low risk pendulum slip test values in wet conditions. The aggregate system is sealed with a clear enamel, making the nosing robust and non slip with a surface that can be easily cleaned.

Location: Folkestone, Kent
Product: GRP Decking Strips
Material: Wooden Decking
Size: 60 Strips

Description: At Saga’s main office in Folkestone the main entrance to their building is a large decking ramp. After discussions with the head of health and safety, Oltco arranged a product to be installed that would keep their staff safe with longevity. Oltco installed GRP decking strips which left their ramp, aesthetically pleasing and non slip.

Oltco Resin Flooring Cornwall

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