Oltco Resin Floor Cornwall

Paul's first choice for kitchen flooring

The traditional system used on professional kitchen floors is vinyl, which will easily split or warp, for example, if a knife or hot pan is dropped – something that happens a lot in some kitchens! – which then allows water to get underneath the flooring and lift it up. Equally, vinyl is much more susceptible to changes in temperature, causing cracking and stretching – again, not ideal in a kitchen environment. By its nature, it also has seams which – you’ve guessed it – is another potential source of weakness.

Resin flooring and in this case PU Screed, on the contrary, is much more practical, easy to clean and hygienic, with a surface that helps to repell bacteria. What’s more it’s seamless and anti-slip, making it perfect for the commercial kitchen. Indeed, it’s so good that it caught the eye of acclaimed chef Paul Ainsworth, who has utilised it in the kitchen of his celebrated No 6 restaurant in Padstow.

Oltco Resin Flooring Cornwall

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