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What Is Resin Flooring

Many people decide that a resin floor is the ideal solution for them, let’s see why resin flooring is such a popular choice.

Man made resins and natural resins, which have been customised are used to make resin flooring. The great thing about resin flooring is that it bonds with the existing substrate such as concrete, steel or tiles to create one inseparable layer.

Resin flooring is a very durable, hardwearing surface that is great for many environments. Resin flooring is now seen in commercial, communal areas and domestic environments like kitchens, bathrooms and garage floors not just in industrial environments such as warehouses, factories and commercial kitchens.

Resin flooring provides a seamless surface and is also available with high chemical, oils, impact and heat resistance. Resin flooring is also very easy to clean which makes it ideal for environments where hygiene is vital.

Resin flooring is such an affordable product and it makes it a very cost effective long-term choice.

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Oltco Resin Flooring Cornwall

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