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Non-Slip Treatment for Slippery Hard Floors

Etchgrip - the treatment for slippery floors

Oltco's Etchgrip will dramatically improve the slip resistance and subsequent pendulum slip test values of ceramic tiles, concrete, marble, slate, stone and terrazzo flooring.  Oltco can also treat enamel and porcelain bath and shower trays.  Etchgrip non-slip treatment increases the safety of your employees and the general public.

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Simple and reliable

Etchgrip non slip flooring treatment is quick and easy to apply, it is not a coating that will flake or wear off.

Etchgrip makes no discernible change to the appearance of your floor, improving productivity and reducing risk, especially in areas that are exposed to water splashes, spills and rain.

Oltco's non-slip flooring treatment microscopically alters the floors surface giving a much greater slip resistance without creating an increase in surface roughness.  The resulting floor is safe to walk on when wet and easy to clean.

Within a few hours of treatment the surface can be walked on, minimising disruption and potential loss of earnings.

Cost effective - tailor made solution - excellent service

Oltco's Etchgrip is inexpensive compared to the cost of replacing your existing floor and most importantly reduces the likelihood of injuries, medical costs and litigation.

Based on your floor surface and environment our highly trained and experienced operators will tailor make an anti slip service to suit your companies needs. Oltco will also offer advice on the right after care routine for your company, which will ensure you get optimum anti slip results.

We offer an excellent anti slip aftercare service, which allows us to build lasting working relationships and ensures that you are 100% satisfied.

The solution to slippery floors

Tom Stringer, Technical Director at Oltco, explains how we measure slip-resistance, regulations and increasing slip resistance of hard floors using Oltco's Etchgrip system.

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Station Safe

Station Safe

Business: London Midland Tube Station
Area: 14 stations through out London Midland
Products: Etch grip for anti slip or High build epoxy floor coating with in built anti-slip.

Work required: Where floor is in relatively good condition needs anti-slip treatment to avoid accidents.  Where floor has deteriorated a new floor surface is required.  


No More Slip Ups

No More Slip Ups

Business: TDW Distribution
Location: Bridgend
Product: Etchgrip Anti Slip Floor Treatment
Floor: Concrete Size: 1024m²

Description: We were contacted by the director of TDW Distribution Andrew Williams. TDW Distribution is a large distribution/haulage firm that have been operating for over 40 years. They contacted us as they were having issues with the concrete floor in their distribution warehouse. They were finding that the floor was slippery when wet. In particular their fork lift trucks were skidding across the floor when it was wet. This was causing major issues for health & safety. This is a well known problem throughout this industry.


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