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Oltco undertake a wide range of floor preparation methods.

Oltco offer a tailor made floor preparation service to ensure that any floor surface is left ready to apply a desired resin floor covering by removing existing floor coatings, floor paints, adhesives and vinyl. The floor preparation stage is without doubt the most important part of any floor system. If the floor preparation stage is not carried out correctly this can lead to floor systems failing.

No two projects are the same, our experienced floor preparation consultants will assess each individual floor and decide which of our floor preparation methods/machinery will be best for your job.


See the processes

Oltco have created this film to help you see the floor preparations systems we use and why we use them.

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Shot Blasting

Tiny steel balls are thrown at the floors surface by a rotating blast wheel at high velocity. The size of the steel shot can be varied to alter the texture of any finished floor.

Concrete Grinding

Diamond grinders are used to grind flat, horizontal and dry concrete or asphalt surfaces. This process levels uneven floor surfaces and joints and is also great for adhesive removal.


Used to prepare a concrete floor before applying a clear seal coat if there are no major imperfections. Removes any existing paint, stains, discolouration or small imperfections from the floor surface.

Chemical Etching:

Chemicals are used to clean and profile the concrete floor surface. Not suitable for removing paints,coatings or adhesives.

For more information on our chemical etching please see our dedicated Etch-grip section.

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