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Oltco celebrates Plastic Free July

At Oltco we have always been passionate about safeguarding our planet and being surrounded by beautiful beaches at our HQ in Cornwall, we are more than aware of the detrimental effects waste plastic has on our environment and how this threatens our planet.

This passion culminated in 2019 when we came up with the game-changing Recycle Bound solution to help tackle the issue of waste plastic littering our globe. Our Recycle Bound product utilises waste plastic (plastic straws, bottles and food packaging) that is already in circulation and provides customers with a sustainable way to transform their outside space. So far, we have already recycled over 40 million plastic straws in driveways, patios, pathways, balconies and pool surrounds across the UK… how amazing is that?

To mark Plastic Free July, we are encouraging everyone to consider the environmental impact that their daily lives may have and to explore the easy changes you can make in your life to reduce this.

We are on hand to provide some tips and solutions that you can adopt to make a real difference. No matter how big or small, we can all do our bit to protect the world we live in.



Our reliance on plastic bags for our shopping has sadly played a detrimental effect on our planet, harming animals and littering the environment and oceans. Whilst the surcharge on plastic bags has helped alleviate this issue, more can still be done.

Why not refuse plastic bags all together?

Lots of brands and stores are selling reusable bags which are more durable and are made from natural fibres, ensuring that your bag will last for years to come.

We like to keep a handful of reusable bags in our car, or in our office, so that whenever we need to pop to the shops, we can always refuse single use plastic bags and use our own.



Another culprit damaging the environment is the high volume of single-use plastic in coffee cups and water bottles currently in circulation.

Reusable coffee cups and water bottles tend to have much better features in comparison to their single use plastic counterparts. Metal water bottles are ideal in the summer months as they keep your water cold for longer… something we’re all grateful for when a heatwave arrives.

You can also personalise your reusable cups and bottles with cool colours and designs which is much more fun and exciting than using boring plastic ones!

For those of you who are looking to be savvier with your money, some cafes even offer a discount to customers that bring their own coffee cup, so you can save a few pennies whilst also saving our planet…It’s a win win!



Beach and park clean ups are a great way for you to get involved with your local community, to come together with like-minded individuals and tidy up the area.

Why not get a group of your closest friends together and make a day of it? You can set yourselves the challenge of who can pick the most litter in a day.

These activities are also a great excuse to get outdoors and enjoy the surrounding nature. This is something we love taking part in whether this be as an organised clean, a team event, or even whilst out walking with our four-legged friends.



With a focus on updating outside spaces and transforming properties, we wanted to make it easier for our customers to make sustainable choices. Our lovely customers can now do this when they update their outside space with our award-winning Recycle Bound product.

Recycle Bound directly tackles the issue of waste plastic and transforms this into stunning resin surfaces which can be enjoyed for years to come. With all the same benefits as our traditional premium resin blends, Recycle Bound is the perfect solution for people who are looking to transform their home whilst also make a positive difference to the environment.

Click here to work out how many plastic straws your outside transformation could recycle with Recycle Bound

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