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Resin Flooring Verses Concrete

Below are 5 reasons why having a resin floor surface is better than having a concrete floor surface.

–Concrete will crack and chip

General wear and tear and accidents from dropping things onto your polished concrete surface can cause cracks. This leaves the surface difficult to clean and also unsightly. The cost to repair deep cracks can be very expensive.

A resin floor surface not only gives durability but also provides a seamless finish. A resin surface will protect against unsightly cracks and wear and tear.

–Concrete can be slippery when wet

A smooth, polished concrete surface is without doubt aesthetically pleasing, however when liquid is added to this surface it will cause very slippery conditions which is dangerous for employees and any members of the public.

Resin floors can have a variety of aggregates added to the surface which create exceptional slip resistance while also leaving the surface easy to clean. Resin floor surfaces are also usually levelled which will prevent puddles forming, again making it safer for people to walk on. Aggregates can also offer a decorative finish.

–Concrete surfaces are not resistant to chemicals

No matter what environment, floors need to be kept clean and harsh cleaning chemicals, oils & lubricants and sugars and fats will weaken concrete.

Resin floors are available with high chemical and heat resistance and are also resistant to oils and lubricants. This provides a long lasting, durable surface that will not be affected by harsh cleaning regimes or spillages of chemicals, oils, fats and sugars.

–Resin flooring is much stronger than concrete

Resin flooring bonds with the substrate below, this creates a hardwearing, durable floor surface which will last in excess of 10 years.

–Create your unique, bespoke floor.

Unlike concrete, which is limited to one colour range, resin flooring is available in a wide range of colours and finishes to suit your individual environment. You can tailor the finish to meet your individual needs and to suit your company colours or logo.

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