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Top Ten Asked Questions About Resin

We understand that you may have questions to help you decide which surface solution would work best for your outdoor space. We’ve collated our top 10 most asked questions about our resin bound and Recycle Bound solutions and provided our answers below.

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with the team.


  1. How is Recycle Bound a recycled product?

Recycle Bound is a recycled product because it is made from a mixture of stone and waste plastic already in circulation including plastic straws, drink bottles and food packaging. The waste plastic that is used in Recycle Bound is obtained from a recycling point and each square metre utilises the equivalent of 3,000 plastic straws.  


  1. Is resin bound cheaper than tarmac?

Tarmac and resin are comparable in terms of cost. However, resin is more cost effective due to its hard wearing properties. We also provide a 20-year guarantee so you can be confident knowing that your outdoor space is built to last.

Resin bound can also be installed on top of existing solid surfaces which can save money on groundworks which are usually required when laying tarmac.


  1. Can I have a resin bound surface as a pool surround?

Yes, resin bound is the perfect solution for a pool surround due to its anti-slip and porous properties. Resin bound is SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) compliant which means that the water drains away from the area quickly and doesn’t accumulate on the surface.


  1. Can resin bound withstand the weight of large vehicles?

Yes, our unique blends can resist weights of up to 400 tonne per cm² and they are incredibly durable making them suitable for surfaces that often have large vehicles on them.


  1. Can resin bound withstand high temperatures?

Yes, the melting point of our Recycle Bound product is 250°C which means even in a heatwave, our surfaces remain intact whereas other solutions like tarmac can begin to melt.


  1. Can resin bound be laid on a sloped driveway?

Yes, resin bound can be laid on a sloped driveway and is actually a great surface solution for sloped driveways.

Resin bound’s permeable and porous properties mean that water drains away from the surface and minimises puddling and accumulation of water which can often be a problem with sloped driveways.  


  1. How do you keep a resin bound driveway clean?

Our resin bound is low maintenance so it can be cleaned with a watered-down bleach solution and a brush.

After installing your resin bound driveway, our team sends a detailed aftercare package to you with everything you need to know about cleaning and maintaining that fantastic finish for your driveway.


  1. Can resin bound be used inside?

Yes, our resin bound solutions can be used inside but only in some circumstances. If being used for a garage floor or an indoor swimming pool surround, resin bound is ideal due to its porous system and anti-slip properties.

However, we would not recommend installing resin bound in the interior of a residential property due to its permeable nature.


  1. What is the difference between resin bound and Recycle Bound?

Recycle Bound and resin bound are the same system. However, Recycle Bound incorporates waste plastic into the mix to create a sustainable resin bound solution.


  1. Does the resin bound solution let rainwater through?

Yes, our resin bound solution has porous properties and is SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) complaint which means water drains away from the resin bound surface quickly.





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