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introducing Oltco's resin bound gravel patios

Picture the scene; you're sitting in the garden on your favourite chair (no wobbles), sun beating down onto your face, glass of wine in hand. Your neat, smooth patio warming the soles of your feet.....bliss!

For Oltco, being based here in Cornwall, it's all about the outdoors lifestyle. For us, there's nothing quite like a BBQ on a balmy summer's evening with family and friends, spending time Al Fresco. It's so important to make the most of your precious outside space.

The Oltco resin bound gravel patio gives a sublime, smooth surface that's hard-wearing and super low maintenance; allowing you more time to host and less to maintain. It's the perfect way to transform an area, keeping those pesky weeds at bay!

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Beautiful Convenience

Beautiful Convenience

Oltco's resin bound gravel is increasingly popular for patios because it is very low maintenance and looks beautiful. The resin bound gravel can be laid directly onto your existing patio or a suitable surface can be made. The resin paving is porous and hand-trowelled to a smooth finish so there are no puddles and no loose stones. Oltco offer complete installation service carried out by Oltco trained and employed installers ensuring a high-performance and aesthetically pleasing finish.

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why a resin bound gravel patio from Oltco?

A resin bound gravel patio from Oltco provides peace of mind and ease of maintenance for years to come. Incredibly hard-wearing resin bound gravel can withstand even the heaviest of garden furniture without becoming loose or cracking. Being porous and hand-finished there is no pooling or puddles as the water quickly runs away.  The paving is non-slip and it’s slip resistance can be increased according to the sites needs. Resin bound gravel naturally reduces weeds and with a sweep of a brush most debris is removed.  Where soil has built up over time perhaps from spillages from flower beds or pots a simple spray with a power hose will soon see peace restored. 

Finally because of the experience and research, which is continuous at Oltco, a 20 year guarantee is given on any resin bound patio installed by Oltco.

what is resin bound gravel and why is it so good for patios?

Resin bound gravel paving is made from a blend of aggregates coated with a clear UV-stable polyurethane resin. To ensure that each aggregate particle is completely coated in resin, the two elements are combined in a force-action mix process. The mixture is then poured and hand- trowelled to form a smooth, colour-constant, durable surface with no loose stones. Resin bound surfacing is a hard-wearing, stunning and affordable alternative to loose gravel, tarmac, block paving and concrete that transforms outdoor spaces.

Oltco's resin bound gravel is perfect for patios because it is so hard-wearing but also looks beautiful.  It's tough enough to withstand cars and lorries so no matter what you or the family throw at it it's not going to crumble or become loose like so many other patio surfaces do.  If time is an issue and you want something that's low maintenance there really isn't anything better on the market.  By nature it resists weeds and when the odd ones turn up they are easily removed with a stiff broom or power wash hose.  Resin bound gravel really is the ultimate in convenience and style.

get creative

One of the best things about Oltco's resin bound gravel patios is the only thing limiting you is your imagination!  You don't need to stick to straight lines, unless you want to!  You don't need to stick to one colour, unless you want to. 

With our guidance you can create your own blends of gravel, use more than one colour in your design and even create circles, shapes, writing or patterns within the resin bound gravel.  Our years of experience in the resin industry enables you to let the creative juices flow while we make sure that the quality and the finish are only the best.

Take a look at our Details page for more inspiration.

Colour Blends from Oltco

Oltco have two ranges of resin bound gravel blends, Natural and Contemporary.  Both ranges embrace our Cornish roots and come with the Oltco 20 year guarantee.  These images give you an idea of the blends available and we are happy to send you samples.  We are also able to create blends with you to produce a completely unique combination just for you.

Please contact us for samples and do not order direct from pictures on the website.  Although we do our best to match colours, gravel is a natural product and will vary, as will images between computer screens.  We send samples Free Of Charge so order your samples today!


Cornish CopperContemporary Range
Kernow GraniteContemporary Range
CrantockNatual Range
FistralNatual Range
KynanceNatual Range
Celtic SeaContemporary Range
PoldarkContemporary Range
PorthminsterNatual Range
TinnersContemporary Range
ZennorNatual Range
PolzeathNatual Range
Cornish EmeraldContemporary Range
Patios and Terraces

Patios and Terraces

Mr and Mrs Mason had a large patio area and a number of pathways creating a multi-terraced garden and entertaining area in their garden. They created a raised area with decking but wanted something low maintenance for the other patio areas and paths that would make the larger areas usable and bring the design together. Oltco's resin bound gravel was the perfect answer to their patio requirements.


Getting creative with garden design

Getting creative with garden design

Mr Clemson wanted to update his garden and patio area which was looking tired.  He choose to recover the original patio area of approximately 38m2 in Oltco's custom blend of Kynance resin bound gravel.  Once the area was prepared the Oltco team mixed the resin bound gravel on site and troweled the whole area by hand ensuring all the edges were neatly finished.

‘Well worth all the effort to get the right colour!  Really pleased with the results, thank you all for all your hard work.’ Mr Clemson


Perfect Patio Paving

Perfect Patio Paving

Creating a puddle free patio is simple with Oltco resin bound gravel and our experienced laying team.



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