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Oltco 10 Year Guarantee
Oltco 10 Year Guarantee
Oltco 10 Year Guarantee

get creative

Resin bound gravel is brilliantly versatile which allows you to be creative in your thinking.  Whether you’re resurfacing a driveway, creating a relaxing patio or planning your pool surround; why not design your own bespoke style?

Our skilled and experienced team can deliver all manner of designs, edging, borders and shapes within the gravel itself (without compromising its strength or durability). 

Being UV stable, these designs will last the lifetime of your 20 year guarantee and well into the future.

step up

Resin bound gravel steps create the perfect finish to your home.  Because resin bound gravel is so flexible, it can fit to any shape, from snaking around borders to meeting perfect edging stones and finishing rails, ensuring an immaculate finish. 

Using the range of colours available, it's possible to either blend or create a feature of the steps.

By adding extra anti-slip to tricky sloping areas, you can make your steps safer and as hard wearing and practical as the rest of your driveway, patio or footpath.

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creating a pattern in resin bound gravel

You can create a pattern or designate areas within resin bound flooring by using different coloured gravel or introducing paving into the design.  This is popular for commercial settings such as beer gardens but works beautifully in larger private properties as well, where paths may lead off from driveways or patios that are very large and need something to break them up.


get personal

Make your space your own. Whether it's a family motif, a company logo, a house name or initials, our professional team can incorporate any design into the resin bound flooring by using templates designed and built in-house, (to any size required). 

This also works beautifully for larger properties; a clever way of breaking up the expanse of a larger driveway.

bolder boarders

Attention to detail is the difference between creating an average space and a fabulous one. A border in resin bound gravel is a simple and effective way of finishing a driveway, pathway, patio or balcony, tidying the area and adding both depth and contrast.

Light The Way

Introducing lighting to your design can transform an area and really make your home or business stand out from the crowd.  Whether it's floor mounted, circular or strips, lighting creates mood and atmosphere, it's also practical. Resin bound gravel can be laid right up to the edge of the light creating a neat, clean and smooth finish. 

be smooth

Creating a blemish-free resin bound gravel driveway is simple. Using recessed trays we can cover any unsightly access points keeping them usable but cleverly covering them in matching resin. Wave goodbye to that ugly manhole cover!

Tree Friendly

The base of a tree often gets neglected; a hotbed for windswept leaves and litter. The resin bound treatment offers immaculate edging as well as being porous and so ensures the tree receives enough water.  The natural resin bound gravel forms voids between the particles of stone, eliminating the need for watering tubes. 

Colour Blends from Oltco

Oltco have two ranges of resin bound gravel blends, Natural and Contemporary.  Both ranges embrace our Cornish roots and come with the Oltco 20 year guarantee.  These images give you an idea of the blends available and we are happy to send you samples.  We are also able to create blends with you to produce a completely unique combination just for you.

Please contact us for samples and do not order direct from pictures on the website.  Although we do our best to match colours, gravel is a natural product and will vary, as will images between computer screens. 

We send samples Free Of Charge so order your resin bound gravel samples today!


Cornish CopperContemporary Range
Kernow GraniteContemporary Range
CrantockNatual Range
FistralNatual Range
KynanceNatual Range
Celtic SeaContemporary Range
PoldarkContemporary Range
PorthminsterNatual Range
TinnersContemporary Range
ZennorNatual Range
PolzeathNatual Range
Cornish EmeraldContemporary Range

how to specify oltco resin bound gravel for your project

SuDS Compliant Creative Paving using Resin Bound Gravel (Occasional Vehicles)

SuDS Compliant Creative Paving using Resin Bound Gravel (Vehicles Use)

Please use our helpful guide to Measure Your Area and call for your instant quote!


Oltco resin Bound Gravel Inspiration Board

Oltco Resin Bound Gravel Driveways Cornwall

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