Giving Back

Feeling good about the work we do and the decisions we make are fundamental aspects of Oltco’s ethos. However, this doesn’t just apply to installing resin bound surfaces up and down the UK. Focusing on improving the lives of others within our communities, and giving back, is also key for us.

Whether this is by donating Christmas presents to those less fortunate, holding charity sports events or carrying out random acts of kindness across the country, we are proud to have a team of individuals who are committed to helping others.

Random Acts of Kindness

To celebrate our 15th birthday back in 2019, we decided to launch the Random Acts of Kindness campaign.

As part of this, we carried out a range of random acts of kindness including delivering pasties to firefighters in Cornwall, helping an animal charity in Plymouth, completing litter picks in Cheshire and Derby, supported homeless charities in Blackpool and Gloucester and supporting a food bank in Colchester.

We were so inspired by the impact these acts had that we have decided to continue delivering these acts throughout 2020 and beyond. To keep up with our random acts of kindness, click here.

Oltco Beach Clean

Oltco held a conference for their franchisee’s and afterwards they carried out a beach clean on Fistral Beach, Newquay. All plastic removed from the beach was placed in the recycling bins which were created by UK Pro Surf initiative “Clean Breaks”.

The Noah Community Project

When Diane Jones joined the Oltco family in 2016 it gave us the opportunity to support a charity very close to home and one which everyone held very close to their hearts.

Diane is the manager of The Noah Community Project, a charity set up in 2014 which supports local families who are going through hard times and need some extra support.

Diane says – “I have been in a place where you are not sure where your next meal will come from, having to explain to your daughter why she can’t have the TV or lights on. Where you can’t afford to top up the electric and you have nightmares about bills. If I can save anyone from feeling this way, then I have succeeded.”

Having been helped by The Noah Community Project after falling on hard times, Diane is now the manager of the charity. Diane can relate to families under similar pressures and understands just how hard it is. The uncertainty caused by an impossible situation and the strain this puts on families is something that Diane is passionate about relieving. Her energy, determination, compassion and humility are inspirational, which is why at Oltco we have chosen to support Diane and The Noah Community Project in every way we can.

Today, thanks to Diane, The Noah Community Project offers a complete package of support, working closely with the families in Cornwall to find solutions to the issues that they are facing. As each set of circumstances are different, each support package is tailor made to ensure that it offers the best solution for them.

Families are referred to the charity through Social Services and local Food Banks and The Noah Community Project endeavours to fill the gaps in care. Diane and her team of local supporters put regular shout outs on social media for items required by struggling families and even Diane’s home is used for storage of useful items which will help families who are unable to afford the basics.

The Story Behind The Noah Community Project

The Community Noah Project was the brain child of four new mums who were enjoying their first ventures into parenthood. Through local mother and baby groups they became aware of one young mother who was fighting a daily battle to feed herself and her children. As any mother knows, we will do anything to protect our children and with that sense of unequivocal determination to help this poor mother and others like her, the four embarked on a personal mission to make their lives just a little bit easier. The question was, how?

First they looked at the reasons why people were having to ask for food parcels and quickly realised that life is never that simple. These struggling families needed a more complete support package if the four were going to help them back on to an even keel.

In 2014, Denise Billington founded The Noah Community Project, with the support of other local mums and began to help families across Cornwall. Within a few months, their hard work was recognised and they were awarded The Cornish Guardian Community awards 2014 – Charity Hero for Children, The Take a Break 2014 and The Family Hero Award – Carer of the Year 2015. Denise left the project in 2015 having achieved great things and now her good work is continued by our very own Diane Bird.

If you would like to help, donations are being accepted at the Oltco Office, 64 Tower Street, Newquay during office hours or to 93 Polwhele Road, Newquay, anytime.

For more info or if you would like to become more involved please contact Diane Jones: 07784859726 or email

Over the years, we have done a range of fundraising activities for the charity and would love you to be involved. To keep up to date with the latest events and campaigns, follow us on social media and regularly check our news page.