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Can I have Resin flooring with Under floor heating?

We are often asked the question can we install under floor heating with resin floors.

YES! Is the simple answer.

We have done a lot of research in the past and more recently had lots of experience in fitting Resin flooring over under floor heating (UFH) with it becoming the evermore-popular choice. If anything resin is a more effective choice with UFH as it is natural, warm to the touch, unlike carpets, which are an insulating material.

Problems associated with Resin floors and UFH.
Cracks or hairline fractures
Lack of effective heat transference through the flooring.
Peeling, crumbling

Dramatic changes in the surface temperature.
Lack of heat distribution.
High humidity in the room.
Hot spots
Operating the heating above a surface temperature of 27 degrees.

How to ensure you do not get any problems;
Hot spots occur when there are no effective reflector plates that spread the heat or where the screed is too thin.
Always use a professional floor contractor.
Do not increase or decrease the temp excessively
You must clean the floor with the appropriate maintenance kits and in accordance with any instructions.
Generally the temperatures should not vary drastically and always try to avoid taking the floor from one extreme of heat and humidity to another within a short time scale. Also ensure that the surface temperature of the screed never exceeds 27 degrees c.

If you have a large project and would like to discuss the best resin for you and the costs involved please contact us today.

See here for more information on resin flooring.

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