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Meet the Team – Oltco Bedford, David Samways and Mehmet Karatas

Meet the Team – Oltco Bedford, David Samways and Mehmet Karatas

We are super excited to have welcomed lifelong friends, David Samways and Mehmet Karatas, to the Oltco family with the launch of Oltco Bedford earlier this year.

Alongside their team, David and Mehmet will be transforming outside spaces across Bedford and the surrounding areas, providing Oltco’s premium resin bound blends.

We caught up with David and Mehmet to find out more about them…

What is your favourite part about your Oltco role?

David: My favourite thing about my role at Oltco is building strong relationships with clients, relaying the message about sustainability and being able to offer a world first sustainable resin bound product to my local community.

Mehmet: I think it has to be meeting lots of new people, seeing the finished-product and the reaction of a satisfied customer.

Some of Oltco’s range is named after beaches in Cornwall, where is your favourite beach?

David: My favourite beach is Lusty Glaze in Newquay. The sunsets there are amazing!

Mehmet: It has to be Carbis Bay for me!

What is your favourite colour blend from the Oltco range?

David: My favourite colour blend is Poldark.

Mehmet: My favourite is definitely Kynance.

Describe yourself in three words?

David: Enthusiastic, confident, friendly

Mehmet: Friendly, confident, determined

If you were a superhero what would your super power be?

David: Ironically, the ability to fly as I’m not keen on planes!

Mehmet: My superpower would be super speed, I would love to see a customer’s face when I say I’ve laid their 120m2 driveway in 58 seconds!

What is your party trick or hidden talent?

David: It’s got to be karaoke, where my party trick is singing Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby (you’d think he’s in the room).

Mehmet: I don’t think I have any party tricks or hidden talents!

What is your greatest achievement?

David: Without question it’s my family (including my Beagle & Blue Staffy Pups).

Mehmet: My family, my beautiful wife and our two amazing children (plus Sid the dog!)

What is your favourite thing about the area?

David: There are some really stunning spots to spend time in nature walking the dogs – the embankment is especially nice.

Mehmet: For me, my favourite thing has to be the people, we’ve met some wonderful people who have been very welcoming.

Meet the Team – Sashka Langsdon, Marketing Manager

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