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Resin Bound Driveways vs Traditional Block Paving

Resin Bound Driveways vs Traditional Block Paving

Are you looking to update your driveway?

Do you know which surface best suits your needs?

Overwhelmed with opinions and options?

When researching driveway surfaces, you are likely to come across resin bound as well as block-paving. There is a common misconception that resin driveways are more expensive, but this is not the case.

Did you know that resin bound is actually comparable in cost to block paving?

It is important to know which will be the better solution for your needs and which option is better value for your money.

We want to debunk the myth that resin is more expensive than block paving and highlight the benefits of using resin bound surfacing for your outside space.


Resin bound and traditional block paving are comparable in terms of cost. One of the main benefits of choosing resin bound is that the prices are more consistent in comparison to block paving where prices can vary significantly. Typically, block pavers are made from cut stone which is an expensive material and can be difficult to work with. Block paving tends to create added costs after installation as it may sink, it may need resealing and weeds can grow between the spaces. Resin Bound doesn’t require this and is very low maintenance, providing better value for your money. With a 20-year guarantee, resin bound also provides the confidence that you won’t have to spend money again in a few years.


Resin bound driveways are SUDS compliant which means they are porous, and water drains away quickly, preventing puddles and potential staining. Because of this, resin bound is also the ideal solution for updating other external surfaces including patios, balconies, pathways and pool surrounds.


Resin bound is the ideal solution for steep driveways as it provides an anti-slip surface and no loose chippings. Therefore, it is perfect for clients who require a flat, even and stable surface. This is ideal for families, elderly people or individuals who require more stability and safety in their outside spaces.

Weed growth

Resin bound minimises weed growth and leaves you with a low maintenance driveway, whereas block paving has many gaps which allow space for weed growth.

Colour options

Resin bound provides homeowners with a wide range of colour options to match your property’s individual style. There is also the option to create bespoke finishes with the use of colourful borders, patterns and symbols. In comparison, traditional block paving can offer some colour variations however the original colour fades much quicker. The fading colour, coupled with the weed growth, leads to a driveway which no longer resembles the outside space you originally desired.


Resin bound driveways can often be installed within just one day, whereas block paving can be more difficult to work with and therefore take longer to lay. Therefore resin bound surfacing results in minimal disruption for your home when compared to block paving.

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