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Resin Bound Gravel Makes the Ideal Surface for a Patio

Resin Bound Gravel Makes the Ideal Surface for a Patio

Having spent the last 10 + years working with Resin Flooring and Resin Bound Gravel we know a lot about how to use resins, which resins are suitable to which situations and we certainly know that if your looking at resurfacing or creating a driveway, pathway, patio or even balcony, that what you really want to be looking at is Resin Bound Gravel. However it has come to our attention that although we are well aware how versatile and incredibly strong, easy to maintain and beautifully convenient resin bound gravel is we perhaps have not shouted about it enough. Therefore when Mr and Mrs Clemson came to us via their garden designer they were unsure if we would be able to help them.

Happily we were able to create exactly the shapes they required because all our resin bound gravel is laid by hand and will finish neatly up to any border you want to put in place. Curves are not a problem at all – neither are straight lines. Here’s some other facts you may not know about resin bound gravel.

A resin bound gravel patio is permeable allowing water to pass through and saying goodbye to puddles.

Resin bound gravel comes in 12 special blends of colours but we can also make a blend specifically for you.

If you have unsightly drains and manhole covers they can be hidden with an infilled cover to match your new patio.

You can create clean lines up to any type of edging such as lawns and curb stones. You can also create sections and divide your patio or garden using different colours.

The great news is you don’t need planning permission to install a permeable surface.

It is easy to clean and will last in excess of 25 years.

It’s resistant to weeds – a stiff brush will keep most weeds at bay.

So hopefully we’ve filled you in on the delights of resin bound gravel and if you would like to find out more just visit our Patio or Driveway pages. If you would like an instant quote just Contact the Oltco team who will be happy to help.

Meet the Team – Sashka Langsdon, Marketing Manager

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