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Tips for Choosing a Resin Bound Gravel Floor Contractor

Tips for Choosing a Resin Bound Gravel Floor Contractor

With Resin bound gravel driveways on the increase so is the amount of companies selling the product, we thought we would give you a little heads up on choosing the flooring contractor which is most reliable and best for you.

What should it cost ?

On average, between £40-£80 per square metre, dependant on depth and size of area. Check whether VAT is included in quote. Remember cost will also be influenced by the quality of the components within the Resin bound gravel floor, so please don’t purchase purely on price but on quality.

Do they offer a guarantee?

Even with the greatest companies lots of things can go wrong. So a well established company offering a substantial guarantee, will provide you with reassurance, and cover you against;

  • Loose stone
  • Oil damage
  • Colour change
  • Workmanship
  • Cracking
  • UV degradation
  • Frost damage

Do they offer maintenance and after care info?

Any company committed to customer service will provide you with maintenance guides and support post installation of your Resin bound gravel, and give you opportunity to feedback on your experience so they can learn from it.

Do they offer technical advice?

Good companies will always offer free advice on suitable bases, permeability, slip resistance, suitable depths and blends also specification sheets should be readily available.

Ask for samples and examples of similar Resin bound gravel work they have done?

Ask the company to show you some examples of similar work they have done. And requesting samples should be an easy option on their web site. Be very wary of companies who aren’t willing to send out samples, or who charge for them.

Don’t make it all about money;

Yes everybody likes a good deal. But every flooring contractor is not on the same skill level. Calling around and getting multiple estimates on your job is fine but do not just choose the cheapest one, follow all of the above tips. Think how important your home is to you, and choose the flooring contractor that you are most comfortable with.

Things you should not do;

  • Don’t use companies who only have a mobile phone number, who cold call and have no address.
  • Don’t feel like you have been pressured into making a decision on a product of before you are ready to commit.
  • Most reputable firms will not charge for a quote so never pay for one.
  • Don’t be misguided by special offers and huge discounts offered on an inflated original price.
  • Never use a company who is willing to lay on an unstable or damaged base.

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