Tailored resin bound flooring

Resin-bound surfaces provide extensive customisation in colour and design, ensuring seamless integration into any parking area. This versatility allows for both functionality and style – turning a car park from simply a practical space to a visually appealing one also, which enhances an experience for visitors and employees. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or a more vibrant design, Oltco’s resin bound car park flooring allows you to achieve the right style to suit your architectural vision.

When it comes to choosing the ideal look for your car park, Oltco’s resin-bound flooring provides a stunning array of colour options. Our range includes captivating choices includes Celtic Sea, Cornish Copper, Cornish Emerald, Crantock, Eden, Harlyn, Kernow Granite, Kynance, Poldark, Porthminster, Sennen, and Zenor. We also provide the option of adding colourful borders, patterns and symbols into the design to achieve a bespoke finish. Browse our range and decide on what colours and designs reflect your preferences.

Reinforcing car park flooring

Oltco’s resin-bound car park flooring is designed to withstand the test of time. It is engineered to endure the daily demands of car park environments. The unique attributes of resin-bound flooring, such as its non-slip surface and its hard-wearing qualities, ensure safety for all that use it. It can effortlessly endure heavy traffic and the constant pressure of cars driving over it, which makes it a reliable choice for any car park.

In addition to remarkable durability, Oltco’s resin-bound car park flooring is SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) friendly. It excels in facilitating effective water management by allowing water to efficiently drain away from the surface. This feature not only minimises the risk of flooding but also contributes to sustainable urban development. With our SuDS-friendly flooring, you get a long-lasting and reliable car park surface while simultaneously making a positive impact on the environment, aligning your project with modern sustainability standards.

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At Oltco, we prioritise sustainability with flooring solutions that incorporate recycled materials and reduce environmental impact. We offer low-maintenance, long-lasting surfaces that conserve resources and minimise waste, making us the most responsible choice.

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