An Aesthetically and Environmentally Appealing Feature 

In public areas, trees serve as attractive features that counterbalance infrastructure and industrial aesthetics. Their presence not only adds charm, but also promotes a sense of connection to nature, softening the surroundings of an otherwise heavily man-made space. Beyond aesthetics, trees enhance air quality and support local biodiversity. In this way, trees become more than just attractive features; they are essential components of urban spaces, enriching the quality of life for all.

At Oltco, we recognise that our resin bound solutions should offer alluring aesthetics and seamless integration into any space. Our carefully curated range of tree pit solutions allow for creative freedom and the ability to match the pit surface to the surrounding area as well as to the type of tree itself. With a stunning range of colour choices, you have the option to customise and infuse your unique style into your outdoor public space. Whether you seek an understated appearance that compliments the surrounding environment, or a striking design that is a focal point for the area, Oltco’s resin bound tree pits provide the flexibility to bring your vision to life.

Safety, Durability and Easy Maintenance

Oltco’s resin bound tree pit solutions provide ample safety and durability. With a seamless finish and absence of loose materials, our tree pits eliminate the risk of trip hazards, ensuring a secure environment for both passersby and the trees also. It is a flexible solution that allows for supporting newly planted tree growth. Furthermore, our tree pit flooring is engineered for longevity and protection from vandalism or heavy foot traffic. Tree pits reduce the chance of weed growth by covering up the soil, but our resin bound material still has a porous nature that aligns with Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SuDS) requirements, promoting effective water drainage and environmentally responsible practices.

The ease of maintaining Oltco’s resin bound tree pit flooring sets it apart. A simple sweep is all that’s occasionally required to keep it looking pristine. The absence of loose stone and soil eliminates the hassle of dealing with mess issues. This low-maintenance solution not only keeps green spaces tidy, but also allows for hassle-free tree growth. With Oltco, maintaining the beauty and functionality of your tree pits is a near-effortless exercise. We ensure that your tree pits remain inviting and easy to manage.

Why Oltco is the choice for you

At Oltco we care about the satisfaction of our customers and the eco-friendliness of our products and services. We strive to always move towards a better looked-after environment, while keeping our customers happy with the resin bound solutions that we provide.

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Oltco’s resin bound flooring embodies sustainability. Our eco-friendly approach includes using recycled materials, reducing waste, and adhering to Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SuDS) guidelines, making us a responsible and green choice.

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